Sarah Refai addresses in the first episode of her podcast content creation on social media and the different creators in platforms. Moreover, she explores the various types of content that people offer and addresses the many aspects of content creation, such as the involvement of school, work opportunities, technology, and its intertwinement with marketing. Sarah does not shy away from sharing her own perspective on the matter and giving valuable advice to future content creators and influencers.

The Impact of Technology on Work Opportunities 

The Social Media Leader shares personal stories from her surroundings and reveals that traditional thinking has shifted and that in our time, technology has a major impact on providing work opportunities. Creating content online is one of the new methods to gain money and make a living.  

Content Creation Should Not Necessarily relate to Academic Course

Moreover, Sarah shares her personal experience and anecdotes and explains how her major in university does not quite link with the content she makes on social media now. She emphasizes how the content people make is often related to their desires, talents, and preferences. However, Sarah mentions that the choice of major and content can go together and that many people on social media choose to create their content about their academic fields and share their experiences and information with their communities.

โ€œContent Creation is a Method of Marketingโ€

Additionally, addresses how the world of marketing is shifting as companies are now resorting to influencers and social media leaders to promote their work and services on their platforms, by creating content that serves their needs. She explains how said influencers share their experiences and reviews on a certain product and that is considered content creation, for which the influencer is paid by a certain marketing company.

Final Words and Advice

“if you start creating content just to earn money, you are less likely to succeed, and you will not have fun. The purpose behind content creation is to do something creative that you enjoy and that you love doing.โ€

Sarah Refai

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