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 Brand personality is subjective, yet crucial. As customers, we frequently have gut reactions to brands that are extremely powerful and unique. As viewed by its customers, a brand’s personality is the set of qualities that define it. How a brand acts, what it says, and what it looks like are all part of its personality.

“Personality” of a brand refers to a brand’s reputation or the conduct of a company. It’s about the way the brand presents itself, not only to potential customers, but also to existing customers.

It is important to understand that every brand personality is unique and has its own specific elements that target a certain group of people. Each brand reaches its target audience through using a similar combination of language, way of thinking, and presentation as it’s audience. 

Marketing and Brand Personality

Have you ever seen an advertisement about an expensive and luxurious watch, but it is worn by a simple construction worker? The scene might seem a little weird, and that is because there is a conflict in the brand’s personality.

Marketing isn’t just a checklist to follow to reach your end goals. Psychologist Carl Jung believed marketing to pertain psychological aspects to it, which led him to develop a set of archetypes for brands from the collective unconscious. These archetypes rely on the consumer’s feelings and attempt to reach their wants and needs.

Brand Personality Archetypes:

  • The Creator Archetype Most marketing, technology, or design companies will find The Creator archetype as a natural fit. The Creator archetype is typically associated with brands that attempt to build something new from scratch or something obsolete. Usually, these brands are innovative and are always one step ahead of the game, bringing something new to the market.
  • The Jester Archetype This archetype is a fun-loving character who seeks to live and highlight the present moment. Its goal is to spread happiness, joy, and promote relaxation as well as idleness. Usually, these types of brands are solely built for entertainment and fun, such as Netflix.

  • The Sage Archetype This archetype is an expert, a scholar, and a good advisor. The Sage type of brands think that it is through intelligence and analysis that we are able to understand the world. Most of these brands are related to telecommunications, consultations, news, public relations, etc. Such brands are always in search of the truth and like to share all of their discoveries.
  • The Innocent Archetype In this archetype, happiness, goodness, optimism, safety, romance, and youth are all present. The Innocent epitomizes everything we aspire to return to in old age, as well as a soul free of the world’s harshness. An example of this is make-up advertisements that promote said concepts and messages in their brands.

  • The Lover Archetype : This archetype inspires sensuality, emotion, glamor, passion, and is closely linked to an appreciation of beauty. Many chocolate and perfume advertisements and brands seek this archetype to better market their own brands. They often promote sensuality and beauty in their ads that attract potential customers.  
  • The Hero Archetype Hero brands promote honorable acts and advocates for surpassing oneself and seeking perfect mastery in their field. Hero brands are often on a mission to make the world a better place, and sharing courage, boldness, and inspiration.
  • The Ruler Archetype This archetype seeks power and control. Brands of this nature are domineering and charismatic archetypes. Above all, these brands advocate excellence, dignity, and responsibility. They aim to create order from the chaos. The Ruler is typically controlling and stern, yet responsible and organized.

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