This document is meant to aid all writers in different aspects of preparing an article and to help guide you through this weekly process. If, after reading this document, there is something you still find unclear, or something that is not mentioned that you would like to know about, or a question that has gone unanswered, please contact us here and we will get to you.

EMPWR publishes articles on a broad variety of social, psychological, financial, and educational concerns faced by individuals, please keep this in mind as you prepare content for EMPWR; if your submitted is irrelevant, we have no choice but not to post it.


Generally, EMPWR hopes to maintain a respectfuleducational yet entertaining tone when it comes to writing. This is to ensure that EMPWR remains a respectful community, accommodating its readers with open arms. 

We try to use language geared toward the reader who has a high-school diploma, as opposed to professional, medical, or business journals. This means that your writing should be understandable by anyone, not just professionals. In case of the usage of any technical term, vulgarization and simplification into everyday or ordinary terms are required.

Disorders, diseases, and disabilities are used in lower case unless they are “named after” someone. Therefore, we capitalized Down syndrome (“syndrome” is always lower-case) because Dr. Down is the person who identified it. We use “multiple sclerosis” in the lower case because it defines a condition. If a condition is commonly referred to with an acronym (e.g., autism spectrum disorders, rendered as ASD) be sure to identify what the acronym stands for with its first use in the article. Henceforth, the acronym is sufficient


  • EMPWR accepts written and visual submissions in the following categories: Mental health, Parenting, Relationships, Arts & Thoughts, and Community. Please note that the word limit for all written submissions is 350 words.
  • Every month EMPWR will announce its agenda on its official Instagram account for the upcoming themes and prompts. This matter should be taken into consideration upon submitting and writing a Mental Health, Community, and/or Relationship-related piece.
  • The Arts & Thoughts category may include personal submissions such as thoughts and prose, personal stories, poetry and extends to visual art (digital drawings, paintings, videos), and music.
  • Poetry submissions should not exceed three poems per submission.
  • EMPWR would prefer that all written pieces be summarized within the first two paragraphs upon submission, in the cover letter. This will enable the editor to quickly decide if the content is pertinent to the Magazine’s interests.
  • Graphs, charts, photos, and other illustrations are to be added along with the submission, as they make a piece more engaging and easier to read, in addition to a maximum of three social media posts from Twitter, public Facebook posts, Instagram, or Tiktok.
  • Submissions should be of your final draft rather than rough drafts, please be sure to spell-check your article before sending it to us!
  • Make sure any website links listed in the submission are validworking links.
  • In case of the explicit mention of rape and/or suicide, please add a visible and clear trigger warning at the beginning of the document.
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  • The magazine does not charge any submission fees and does not currently pay contributors for their submissions.


Please respect the following format upon submitting your pieces:

— Along with your piece, please add a cover letter that includes your full name, a short biography on the writer/artist, submission category, and piece summary.

— Word document format – Single-spaced, 12 p.t, Arial. Please place only one space between sentences & denote new paragraphs with a hard return rather than an indent between paragraphs.

— A poetry submission with multiple poems must be included in the same document, with a new page for each poem.

— Music files should not exceed 3 minutes and 30 seconds in length.

— Images and visual art (videos included) should not exceed 1GB.

— Click here for an example of a written format.

For any further assistance with your submission, feel free to contact the editor at [email protected]

Thank you for choosing to write for EMPWR!

We can’t wait to read your pieces.