There is no doubt that mental health is a taboo subject in North African societies. That is why, Dr. Rym (a.k.a @dr.redpeppermint) joined forces with EMPWR to launch her first-ever podcast in Algeria on mental health, in order to break the taboos and stigmas surrounding the topic.

Who is Dr. Rym?

Dr. Rym Maghrabi is born September 4, 1993, in Oran, Algeria. She is a resident doctor in psychiatry. She has always stood out throughout her academic and professional careers for her seriousness and ambition. After her seven years of medicine at the faculty of Oran, Rym chose psychiatry to continue her studies, or rather, as she prefers to say, psychiatry chose her.

Since then, she has worked and interned at several hospitals, as she continues today, her training and takes care of her patients. Outside of her work, she began in early 2020 in creating medical and lifestyle content on her Instagram account (@dr.redpeppermint)

Her mission through her platform is to break taboos, overcome the stigma of mental health and fight against discrimination against patients suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Rym’s podcast “The Slamet Rassek Podcast” treats all mental health topics and taboos in North African society, and more specifically, in Algerian societies. in the first episode of her podcast, titled “Depression” Dr. Rym unveils some of the common misconceptions of this mental illness in societies and addresses people’s fears when it comes to treating this illness. Furthermore, she does not hesitate in correcting said prejudices and offers the right definition of depression. Moreover, Dr. Rym sheds light on some of the physical and psychological symptoms related to depression, and the correct behavior and actions to undertake in case of facing a patient or having close relatives suffering from this illness.

Sadness or Depression?

Dr. Rym makes sure her listeners understand how to identify the signs and symptoms for depression, pointing out how in the north African society any slight misbehavior is thought to be depressed when it is not the case. She says that it is natural for people to experience mood swings after challenges they might face in their lives or an event that leads them to feel that way. She further notes that the difference between depression and sadness lies mostly in the duration of those feelings.

Dr. Rym stresses throughout the episode the importance of seeking help when needed, reminding listeners that mental illnesses do not equal weakness and that it is possible to live with them and lead a normal life.

Final Words

Towards the end of the episode, Dr Rym points out how people who take anti-depressants are often labelled as “crazy” in society, which has driven people further away from receiving the right treatment for their illnesses and has unfortunately led to severe cases.

“What I want to let you know is that depression can be healed, and it can be healed well!”

Dr. Rym – The Slamet Rassek Podcast. Episode 01 – La Dépression

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  1. I love what Dr Rym is doing, specially she’s speaking with a common language that everybody can understand, thus her messages and advices go directly to everyone !! Proud to have this kind of doctors and content creators in Algeria !!!

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