Nathaly Peña Sabalza is the founder of Aerial Grace, a pole fitness and aerial arts studio, designed to empower women of all ages and nationalities in Maadi, Cairo.

Unable to live in Venezuela due to the country’s horrific economic crisis, Nathaly Sabalza packed her bags not too long ago, only to end up in Cairo, on a year-long contract to do what lights her soul on fire; instructing pole fitness.

 A Foreigner Empowering Women In Egypt 

Nathaly Sabalza is an example of a woman who’s broken home did not stop her from becoming the figure she is today; a foreigner empowering women through the art of pole fitness. “It was extremely difficult for me to decide that I wanted to stay and open up my own studio here [Egypt] – in a country where I don’t understand half of the things that are happening around me due to the cultural and language barrier,” Sabalza says, speaking to Ally Salama.

“For me, Pole changed my life. I feel most confident, powerful and alive when I am in action. When I opened Aerial Grace, my mission was to make sure other girls would feel the same way. When a girl comes to class, they start to love themselves for the things their bodies can do and this changes the way they think about themselves. The studio is a home where girls come to a place where their peers feel the same – self-loving,” Nathaly expresses, as she emphasizes the transmission of energy between girls within a given community heavily impacts their self-image.

 Nathaly Sabalza on Self Image

We touched more on how Pole Fitness typically has a transformational effect on new girls trying the sport. “To train Pole, we train with shorts and tops and for first-timers; one wants to show their legs, because of the fear of judgement for many reasons,” Nathaly mentions.

“By around the third time at the studio , the most beautiful thing for me is seeing the same girls starting to see themselves differently. They no longer feel ashamed of their skin, their cellulite – they’re all in small shorts and discovering new ways to move their body.”

Self Empowerment in Pole Fitness

One thing Nathaly made sure to point out, clearly, was that, “for many girls – it was the first time they started to exercise for their bodies because they wanted to and not out of their desire to fit in with any external beauty standards. They transform their physiques because THEY fall in love with their reflection in the mirror”

 Nathaly Sabalza’s Inspiration

“I believe when you love yourself –  that changes everything in your life,” she affirms. “When  Mothers are here to try out Pole, they often forget themselves, their worries racing after their children and their stressors having to do with their chores at home. Polefit really allows women to take charge of their lives just when they think they are too busy.”

Speaking with Nathaly was like breathing in the fresh morning breeze of air. Her energy talking about her passion for empowering other women through Pole, through instilling higher self-confidence and self-belief within them as they progress in overcoming their own physical limitations, was phenomenal. 

“If you have a dream, you must always know that every risk you take will be worthy in getting you closer to what brings your soul alive,” Nathaly Sabalza says, hoping that many others would find refuge in knowing that the only thing she took with her escaping home – Venezuela – was the dream she currently is pursuing now.

We highly recommend you checking out Nathaly’s full story in the Instagram video below!

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