TRIGGER WARNING: This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Last November, I was surprised to find a childhood friend of mine, from elementary school at Modern English School (MES), Cairo, reach out to me, after hearing about the work I started with EMPWR and in Mental Health advocacy in the MENA region.

Little did I know that she’d been admitted into a mental health institution after what she’d disclosed to me inspired me to start this publication in such a manner.

I’m not the only one he raped, anally as well,” she said.

Today, it’s July the 2nd of 2020, and upon the accusation of Ahmed Bassem Zaki, I sent her a picture of him.

“Is it him?” I sent her on Facebook Messenger – after my phone got bombarded by @assaultpolice notifications by friends.

“How do you know?” she replies.

“It’s everywhere.”

This is just one account out of 150+ of survivors.

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More than 100 girls provided evidence that Ahmed Bassam Zaki has previously harassed them online or in real life. This took place IN prestigious institutions such as MES (Modern English School Egypt), AIS (American International School Egypt), AUC (American University in Cairo), and many others. He was well educated, he was well connected, yet none of that stopped him. When sexual harassers are not stopped and are enabled by the institutions they attend or their work place, they turn into PREDATORS and RAPISTS. Ahmed Bassam Zaki is a serial sexual predator and rapist. This girl’s story is another incredibly painful read, but our stories must be heard. #المتحرش_أحمد_بسام_زكي #abz

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Exposing Ahmed Bassem Zaki

It all started when a “PSA alert was put out yesterday of his sexual assault of a girl in @auc_egypt, several more have come out,” Sabah Khodir wrote on her Instagram post below.

Social media only just scratched the surface of this hideous serial predator.

Sadly, what lies beneath the surface is a hell of a lot more.

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WARNING: This persons name is Ahmed Zaki. After a PSA alert was put out yesterday of his sexual assault of a girl in @auc_egypt, several more have come out. My friend @shadynoor_ has received endless messages of testimonies from women in Egypt who have been assaulted, harassed, roofied, and raped by him. One of the girls was significantly younger than him (just 14 years old) who he attempted to also assault her and threaten, black mail, and scare her into sleeping with him. The messages have been pouring in from girls all over Egypt who were scared off by speaking about the assault as he threatens to harm them if they do. Please share this information to at least protect the women you know. In case he is currently speaking to someone you know, he is dangerous and so far, we are being given information that he involves friends into also drugging and assaulting women. The proof is piling up against him and, with some help, we can put him away for good. Please help in doing so. . . . . Arabic translation: نحب نعرفكم باستاذ أحمد ذكي متحرش ومغتصب. بعد ما انتشر خبر توعية امبارح لواقعة تحرشه ببنت ف الجامعة الأمريكيه، ظهرله مرات تحرش اكتر واكتر. صديقي شادي، اتبعتله رسايل كتيره من بنات بتحكي انه قام ب * التحرش، الاعتداء، حتي الاغتصاب * بيهم واحده من البنات دي مجرد طفلة عندها ١٤ سنه!! اللي اتعرضت لمحاولات اعتداء وتحرش ورسايل تهديد وتخويف عشان يجبرها يغتصبها!! رسايل كتير جداا ظهرت بتحكي عن محاولات تحرشه واعتداءه ع بنات كتير ومحاولات تهديد ليهم لو اتكلمو ارجوكم spread the word!! انشروا الخبر ع قد ما تقدروا حتي لو بس لاصدقائكم عشان ياخدوا حذرهم خاصة لو يعرفوه!!! ده انسان غير سوي ومتحرش ومغتصب. حتي انه معروف عنه انه بيساعد اصحابه يشربو مخدرات ويعتدوا ع البنات !

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Shortly after, an Egyptian living in NYC, Shadi Nour, posted a story shown below which triggered an unprecedented number of survivors to come speak out.

After more than a few accusations, it became clear that these series of events by Ahmed Zaki were ones that needed to be taken into account and documented.

The following Stories were posted by Shadi Nour, once stories started coming in.
The following Stories were posted by Shadi Nour, once stories started coming in.

This following image was posted below to allow all stories to be redirected to @assaultpolice , created by Shadi, in order to bring awareness and justice to all survivors of Ahmed Zaki.

The History of Ahmed Bassem Zaki?

In short, this picture quite abruptly sums him up.

Kindly note that of all of the transfers in between schools.
Should there have been any early warning signs?
It’s your say.

Ahmed Bassem Zaki Sexual Predator
via @assultpolice on Instagram
Ahmed Bassem Zaki Sexual Predator
via @assultpolice on Instagram

Rosaline Elbay from Award-Winning TV Series “RAMY” Speaks Out

The Action Needed to Bring Forth Justice

The following post has just been released by @assultpolice asking for all victims to come forward in confidence to legally step forward towards the prosecution of sex offender, Ahmed Zaki.

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ALT TEXT We have over 150 more sexual harassment allegations sitting in our message requests, many of which include physical assault. As we close in on 26K followers, we are happy with the awareness we raised so far, but it is also our duty to make it clear that we need more if we want to prosecute this dangerous man. In order prosecute Ahmed Bassam Zaki, the court needs witnesses & survivors to come forward to file complaints & testify against this monster. This page is no longer enough, NEED you now more than ever, we need survivors to come forward and speak against Bassam. YOU WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS TO THE PUBLIC. ONLY A LAWYER AND A JUDGE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE. NO ONE ELSE. DM US IF YOU ARE WILLING TO COME FORWARD. If any women decide to come forward, will NOT be posting any of these courageous women’s names on this page and we don’t want to cause them any unwanted publicity. They can fully maintain their privacy and their identity with the police. . . . ‎حالياً احنا معانا أكتر من ١٥٠ اتهام بالتحرش الجنسي في طلبات الرسائل على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي بتاعتنا، كتير من الرسايل دي بتتضمن حالات إعتداء جنسي. بالرغم من انبساطنا بدور الصفحة في التوعية العامة بخصوص الموضوع ده بوصولنا ل٢٦.٠٠٠ متابعة ولكنها مازالت مسؤلية علينا إن احنا نكشف بقية تفاصيل الموضوع لإتمام الإجراءات القانونية اللازمة لمعاقبة أحمد بسام زكي ‎بس علشان نقدم أحمد بسام للمحاكمة وياخد جزاءه فالمحكمة محتاجة شهود وناجين من هذه الحوادث يرفعوا قضية ويشهدوا ضد هذا الوحش ‎الصفحة دي مش كفاية واحنا محتاجين لكم أكتر من أي وقت قبل كده. محتاجين كل اللي اتعرضوا لأذى من الشخص ده أنهم يحكوا عن اللي حصلهم ويشهدوا ضده ‎احنا مش هنذكر أسماء البنات الشجاعة دي على صفحتنا ومش غرضنا أننا نعلن أي شيء ضد رغبتهم وهم يقدروا يحتفظوا بخصوصيتهم لحد ما يقدموا شهادتهم للبوليس والنيابة ‎هتفضل هويتكم محجوبة عن الرأي العام والمحامي والقاضي هم بس اللي هيعرفوا أنتو مين مش أي حد تاني. ابعتولنا على الخاص لو حابين تقولوا شهادتكم

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