Bahaa Hashem, most commonly known for being one of Befit 360 head coaches, speaks on mental health with a holistic perspective on the role it plays in his day-to-day life.

The CrossFit Coach’s Initial Realization

Speaking with Bahaa on an early Tuesday noon in Cairo, he mentions that “overtime – as my job’s responsibilities got bigger, I started to realize that I wasn’t the same as I used to be.” Often times, we get struck by realizations from time to time when we experience certain roadblocks in our lives, within our internal psyche. Bahaa pointed out, “it was only then when things were going in a downward spiral, it was a realization – like a lightbulb switching on inside my head – that I wasn’t adding anything to develop my mental health. I spend so much time at the gym, not why don’t I look at training my mind; my most important instrument.” 

Developing Self Awareness

Although the Befit head coach does – in fact – stress on the importance of taking care of one’s own psychological well being, he made it very clear that things only change, psychologically, once you start looking for ways to train and grow your mind. “The moment I started actively for ways to help develop my mental health – actively searching – that really changed my life. I have to completely disconnect every weekend; I often go kitesurfing – and I make sure to instill habits every day like meditation every morning and journaling into my life. I keep a gratitude journal and that helps me stay grounded.” As a role model Bahaa states the importance of always needing to be at his best, both physically and mentally, emphasizing that “when you don’t feel psychologically well, you feel it physically.”

 “The Mind Unlocks The Body’s Potential”

As we came to a conclusion, on our quick call, Bahaa specifically emphasized how the body’s greatest physical benefits can only be fully uncovered upon unlocking “the mind”.

“We’re not individual parts in a body. We are connected and wired in perfect synergy by the mind. That’s how much control it has over us.”


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It was extremely refreshing to see a man we highly respect open up about mental health in an industry where many others refuse to openly talk on the subject. 

Keep inspiring us, Habibi.


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